At Some Talented People, we believe that marketing is more than a strategy, it is also equal parts vision, art, and social science. Marketing is also more than a simple catchphrase or shrewd turn of phrase, it is everything that defines your public and private presence as a business.

We help you express your businesses’ best identity by staying dedicated to your goals, helping you craft websites of the highest quality, building the most impactful marketing campaigns while keeping to our highest values of creativity, originality and ingenuity. It is our special combination of creative inspiration and raw practicality that will help the values of your firm shine through.
We do this by committing to our highest standards, the four C’s: 


Our combined decades of experience in marketing, digital strategy and compliance makes sure that our work delivers on every professional standard. We make certain that your package not only serves you now, but in the future, meeting the highest security, compatibility and software implementations. This includes our use of excellent plugins, which are geared to ensure practicality in design and input.


Why chase trends when we can create our own? At Some Talented People, breaking through the industry’s creative barriers comes as standard. In a world of hyper-accessible marketing and decreasing attention spans, we create content that not only cuts through the marketing fog, but also boosts engagement. This can help you stand out as a business, gaining the traction necessary to build your audience.


Transparency is the name of the game. We will never have hidden fees or overcharging. We will thoroughly value you as a client. We will work to understand what makes your business tick, offering a bespoke service for every business. We will stay 100% honest in our strategy, working with you and not for you, so that the best outcome is guaranteed. It is the least we can offer you as our valued client.


You don’t have to have years of advertising experience to pursue an amazing marketing campaign. We love what we do, and explaining what we do, and are always available to our clients. We speak in a language you understand. We get to the heart of what it is you need as a firm, instead of imposing a strategy on you. We take our time to understand how your business operates. This allows us to not only build you an excellent marketing strategy, but to develop a valued relationship with you as a trusted client.



founder & Managing DIRECTOR

Pazbi has over 10 years’ experience in digital consultancy, brand development and marketing. He has worked with hundreds of SMEs to develop their online and offline presence. 

Pazbi also has extensive knowledge in SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO, working with companies in London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dubai, Barcelona, Athens, and Norway. He is an expert in increasing online sales, brand awareness, and reach.
Passionate about education, he has been featured on the BBC, spoken at panels for the University of Westminster, and mentored students from high school up to a postgraduate level. He is excited to work with his future clients, helping them curate the best marketing campaigns that are always relevant to the new decade.


Chief Operations Officer

Panos has been coding for over a decade, learning to practice a methodical approach in everything he does.

A graduate of Westminster University and raised in the printing industry (thanks to his family's business), he has the experience needed to manage any project from conception through to completion.

Panos is a keen gamer in his spare time, achieving significant presence as a competitive player in various e-leagues. He makes use of this competitive spirit and shrewd approach in his work for our clients, making sure each project is not only refined, but industry-leading.

Natalie gee

Social Media Director

A multi-talented designer with an eye for both lucid photography and business, Natalie has designed national marketing campaigns for West End productions such as: Amelie The Musical, The Permanent Way, and Madagascar the Musical, to name but a few. 

She has also photographed celebrities such as Anthony Daniels (Star Wars), Sir Derek Jacobi, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, among many others.

Now she turns her creative and professional eye to our clients, helping them achieve a diamond standard when curating their best social media presence - an essential practice in the modern-day. When it comes to getting your message across to your prospective audience, Natalie is the best of the best.

David Clark-Waugh

Creative Director

David is a brand identity and strategy specialist who brings a wealth of graphic design experience curated from over a decade's worth of experience working within the murky world of brand positioning and advertising. He works tirelessly constructing brand behaviours and helps clients understand their own brand, what their target market is looking for and the best strategies for enticing their custom and earning their loyalty. In short - the product/service can't just look has to deliver for the customer to come back for more.

David has a fastidious passion for typography and regularly drives people up the wall ensuring the application of type across all touchpoints is consistent.

David enjoys passing on his knowledge to junior designers and has been invited back to his former university to critique student work and help them further develop their skills.

Thanasis Chavales

Video Marketing director

With over 20 years of experience in video production & marketing, we are still trying to find a creative project Thanasis cannot deliver on. It hasn’t happened yet, and it’s unlikely to.

From all stages of production to scenario, scriptwriting and film directing, Thanasis can help your business stand out from your competition, setting a new standard of visual styling. More than anything else, Thanasis understands the depth and importance of visual mediums in providing a shrewd and competent marketing strategy, especially in this hyper-visual and social media-led world.

Jonathan MacDonald

Marketing & Sales Manager

Jonathan is a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) qualified marketer with over 14 years of experience working for Yellow Pages. During this time he worked in Sales, Change Management, Operations Management, Sales Management, and Marketing.

Consequently, he has a holistic approach to customer needs which is especially useful as he can uncover aspects of business growth not available to most. Put simply, Jonathan understands marketing, but not only that, he understands what marketing means to you. This grants him the wisdom to ensure a bespoke service is rendered each and every time.



Nick is our Senior Developer, based in Los Angeles. With hundreds of satisfied clients under his belt, Nick is always looking to breathe life into novel business marketing concepts.

He is a CRM expert with the highest qualifications on HubSpot and can create integrations with almost any system. With over 12 years of experience, we haven’t found much he can’t do...except whistle.

Kowsar Hossain

Front End Developer

Kowsar, nicknamed Linkon, has over 6 years of experience in Front End development and WordPress development. He has worked with many clients and agencies worldwide, all granting him a diverse wealth of experience that others find hard to compete with.

His main strength is that he can tackle any problem with care, from starting researching to final execution - Linkon will fix the issue and always build back better. Coding is his passion, and he still curates that enthusiasm no matter if programming as a hobbyist or a professional at any one time. When it comes to building and tweaking your website, you can trust that your online presence is in safe hands.
In the rare instances that Kowsar isn’t coding, he loves watching movies, playing Battle Royale games like PUBG, and enjoying a good nap.

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