At Some Talented People, our highly trained and qualified staff help businesses to establish a dominant web presence that stands out in today’s highly competitive online world.

Rather than just web hosting, we can offer you a variety of digital solutions to help you get the most from your online and digital presence across all corners of the web, from search engine results and PPC campaigns to marketing and video production.

In addition, a solid digital production campaign in terms of video, web design and other media can further compound your strategy resulting in: 

  • Potential increases in lead generation
  • Higher closing rates 
  • Brand establishment 
  • Authority recognition 
  • More click-through rates
  • Increased user retention 
  • Brand awareness

By working with your brand, we can identify a specific target audience for your niche and develop a cost-effective online combined strategy for SEO, PPC and E-Commerce that increases conversion and drives sales.

Search Engine Optimisation

Perhaps the most used but least understood aspect of any successful online business is SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. This is the art of identifying relevant keywords or phrases for a website or webpage and implementing them in a fluid and natural way.

SEO is how a search engine such as Google or Bing reads the content of your site and decides where to place it in the SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages, based on the relevance of your chosen keywords or phrases.

No matter how well-designed your site is, without skillful SEO, no one would be able to discover it. The benefit of SEO is that it can be applied to almost any aspect of your strategy and directed at a specific target audience whether through blogs, media or Google AdWords.

Services include website audits and fixes, internal links and outbound links with monthly reports.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

With the low attention span and falling retention rates of today’s online audiences SEO alone isn’t enough to take your business where it needs to be, and fluctuating organic traffic is not always dependable.

With a solid Pay Per Click strategy, we can deliver specific ads to your target audience at the most relevant times. By setting an ad spend rate you can control the number of ads served through a customised funnel to engage with your niche targets via Google and YouTube.

Typical services include campaign audits, competitor research and remarketing.

Reputation Marketing

Build, manage, market and train. SEO and PPC campaigns have their uses, but they are just one of many tools to be used in a solid and evolving marketing strategy. With modern search engines now using reviews as an attribute for ranking websites, your online reputation is more important than ever.

Using customised review and feedback pages we can build a solid foundation for your online reputation while managing and monitoring anything posted online in order to keep a positive presence. This way, we can market any genuine positive reviews and ensure that any potential clients are exposed to your business’s best attributes.

In order to maintain a positive reputation, we can train your staff in the culture of brand awareness and customer service so that they are always aware of promoting the best aspects of your business while maintaining a positive public image through customer loyalty and word of mouth.

Digital Video Production

Developing online digital video is no longer a choice but a necessity for establishing an online presence. The short attention span of modern web users means that information needs to be divulged quickly and accurately.

Currently, we specialise in multiple video genres including explanation or instructional, customer testimonials and product promotion.

Our Digital Marketing Enfield team will make use of any video produced setting forth any criteria agreed upon in strategy meetings in order to meet the needs of your business. As well as YouTube, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can be used for distributing videos to your target audience.

Web Design

With a solid strategy in place, your business will need an online face in the form of a website. Every business these days needs a website, no matter its size, prominence or status.

After all, what’s the point of investing in SEO, PPC, blogging and video production if there is nowhere to implement them to their full potential? That’s where your website comes in.

After a search engine result, a website is the first point of contact between you and your potential customers. A well-designed website should capture the essence of what your business is about while relating to your niche target audience.

Guiding you through every step of the process, our Digital Consultant in Enfield will begin by designing a website on paper before building and coding, and then going live. Once live, we will monitor everything, including visitor behaviour, SEO and paid search.


E-Commerce is a rapidly expanding marketplace and many businesses are now opting for an online storefront to sell to their target audience. 

It's not just Amazon that has the power to sell online, businesses of all sizes have taken to E-Commerce.

Imagine never having to close your store. That means 24/7 potential sales of multiple products to customers all over the globe therefore increasing profit potential.

Website Maintenance

One of our most complete products lies within our website maintenance capabilities. Providing multiple packages to suit any business, we are here to ensure the safety and security of your domain.

2019 saw the highest rate of cybercrime in the UK with 374,000 incidents of malware attacks costing the nation’s businesses an average of around £6,400. Many of these businesses did not recover.

Our website maintenance programs tackle the common causes of intrusion such as regular backups and software updates as well as active monitoring, SSL security and a state of the art AI system that removes malicious code from individual files.

See how our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages provide comprehensive cover to suit any size business, from the humble blog to web-critical organisations.

Not Sure? We offer digital consultancy

From lead generation to brand awareness, Some Talented People can help your business flourish in whatever industry or stage you are in, from startup to established.

Book a short call with our team to go through your needs and we can create a cost effective strategy to reach your goals together. 
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