What KPI's Are Used In Digital Marketing?

When it comes to measuring the success of your online marketing channels, you have to pay attention to digital KPI metrics. Digital marketing is a must-have for every single business owner and the basic examples of digital marketing KPIs include things like cost per lead, pay per click, customer lifetime value, return on investment and cost per conversion. There are plenty of digital marketing KPIs to choose from, too, which gives you and your business far more room for growth.

There are some digital marketing KPIs that stand out more than others, though, and there are some that have the metrics to give you a better overall performance. Let’s take a look at some of the KPIs commonly used in digital marketing.

Website tracking

Using SEO and PPC to enhance your website traffic is one thing, but it’s the increased website traffic that can help you to ensure that you are reaching new prospects. The right traffic that’s based on the customer search intent is what you have to go after, and that’s why people benefit from website tracking as one of their digital marketing KPIs.

Keyword impressions/ranking

To measure how many times your website has appeared in a search engine results page, you need keyword impressions. The keyword ranking that you have shows where you appear in those search engine results, and you want the highest possible impressions and rankings to push traffic to your website.

Social engagement

This is one of the digital marketing KPIs that goes hand in hand with keyword impressions. Your social reach is something that will be measured by your followers and it’ll tell you how many people can actually see your posts. Engagement goes a step further, however, to see how many people will interact with your posts out there.

Email engagement

If you’re spending a lot of time on your email marketing campaigns, then monitoring how much engagement your emails are getting is going to help to determine their worth. Gathering data from your email list will help you to determine how to write new campaigns. Tracking this information accurately is important if you want to be sure your campaigns are going well.

Conversion rates - lead to customer

Measuring the rate of conversions lead to customers will show you how many of your leads become customers overall. This is a valuable KPI and it can help to determine how many marketing leads are needed for your sales goals and customer acquisition.

Cost per customer

This is another KPI used in digital marketing and it will tell you how much it costs for your business to turn one website visitor into a purchasing customer. It’s similar to the previous KPI; monitoring your costs gives you the information that you need that’s valuable and makes sense for your marketing strategies and sales.

Digital marketing KPIs are important for the future of your business. Each of these KPIs can tell you whether or not your marketing is performing well at all.

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