What is Conversion Optimization

One of the hardest things for a business to do is to convert website visitors into customers. Converting leads into paying customers depends on your SEO, your marketing and your ability to convince people to buy from you. If you owned a shop, the worst thing that you could witness is people coming in, looking around and leaving without purchasing. Well, this happens every single day on e-commerce websites, and you might only notice it if you’re keeping up with your data analytics.

You want to make sure that you are offering potential customers quality as well as quantity in what you can sell on your website, and the path to help you to get there is conversion optimisation. If your site visitors aren't attracted to what you have to offer, they’re going to go and find another website that does the job. They won’t be a customer that you can convert as they’ll have already gone elsewhere. You need to get people interested from the moment they click through to your site, and understanding conversion optimisation for your leads will help you to get there faster.

What Is Conversion Optimisation?

Conversion optimisations is a process in your business where you can increase the number of people who complete a task on your e-commerce platform. Whether this is completing a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter, if people are tasked with something to do on your site and they complete it, you’ve converted them. Increasing your visitors isn't always going to increase your conversions, however. You have to use your SEO strategy to get visitors to your site, and once they’re there, you need to motivate the visitors to then complete the right task.

Conversion optimisations will also help you to improve your conversions from existing site visitors, and not just newbies to your website. One of the biggest issues that businesses have on their websites is the issue with cart dumping; a loaded cart that gets abandoned by a site visitor. Up to 60% of online carts are left abandoned before the visitor gets to the checkout, and this is bad for business! This is not something any business wants to happen and if you ensure that you are using conversion optimisation, you can avoid it. Conversion optimisation provides your business with improved site performance and bounce rates, while also boosting your marketing efforts, too.

Use the right tools

To ensure that your business is helping people to complete the given task set to them, you want to use the right conversion optimisation tools. These collect data about your website as well as the visitors, which can help you with your SEO marketing strategy, too. Conversion optimisation is going to enhance the speed of your website and your clients will end up with a customised experience on which they can rely.

Without conversion optimisation, you’re going to find it much harder to convert visitors to your website to paying customers. The best thing that you can do is work conversion optimisation into your SEO marketing strategy.

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