Websites in the UK are attacked 10,000 times a day, imagine if your current customers or worse, referrals, cannot find your web page? In the old days we’d use a printed directory, now we use our mobiles and Google. In both cases 10 of your competitors are always available and given that Google users will wait 15 seconds to be satisfied imagine how many referrals you lose if your website goes down, or even worse if Google finds your website to be a security risk.
“8 out of 10 of my clients check my website before getting in touch” 39D IT
for start ups
- Website & Database Security
- SSL Security on your website
- Weekly backups
- Monthly Updates
- 3x 30min requests
- 5 working days maximum response
£100 / month
for growing businesses
- Website Hosting*
- Website & Database Security
- SSL Security on your website
- Daily backups
- Weekly Updates
- 6x 30min requests
-1 working day maximum response
- Google Analytics Set Up
£200 / month
for web critical businesses
- Website Hosting*
- Website & Database Security
- SSL Security on your website
- Hourly backups
- Weekly Updates
- 9x 30min requests
-4 hours maximum response
- Google Analytics Set Up & Monitoring
£300 / month
*For standard website hosting only

Why you need something like this

Restoring your website to be functional requires that it is backed up regularly and has all the updates correctly installed, whether you are providing E-Commerce or information for referrals that are the mainstay of your business.

You will have seen in the news about TSB, Travelex or British Airways, and these are big companies employing sophisticated IT infrastructure and IT managers. Sadly this kind of resource is not available to most, until now.

Some Talented People are big enough to handle complex web and IT systems yet small enough to be at the end of the phone and give you a personal service for when things go wrong. Investing in your web continuity is as important as being in business in the first place. 90% of businesses that are cyber-attacked cease trading within a year as they struggle to recover. By using our top of the range, fast, secure and bespoke server configurations, you need not worry about disaster and can go about serving your customers.


Our servers are based in London and offer one of the fastest speeds in the UK. On average, websites hosted on our server, load 3 seconds faster than when they are on shared hosting sites like GoDaddy, 123-reg etc.


Our servers use the latest technologies in security to ensure that your data and website is always protected. We use imunify360 which has 6 layers of web server security, including automatic malware scanners and unlike other solutions, uses AI to surgically remove malicious code from infected files rather than deleting the whole files, which could break your website.


Some Talented People will frequently update your website and software to ensure that you are always keeping up with the latest patches.

99.9% Uptime

We have had 99.9% uptime on all our websites, and if any issues arise, we offer hourly backups* to get your website up and running as soon as possible.