• Businesses had 530,000 Phishing Attempts in 2019
  • 374,000 incidences of Malware
  • 301,000 Fraudulent Payment Requests
  • 260,000 Ransomware Attacks
  • 35% of Businesses say they have not Installed Security
  • 40% of Businesses do not Regularly Update their Websites
  • Only 47% of Businesses have a Strict Password Policy
  • Average Cost of Attacks to Businesses is £6,400

There are currently more business websites on the world wide web than ever before and establishing an online presence is a top priority for any business in the modern world. UK businesses have their websites maliciously attacked over 10,000 times per day.

46% of UK businesses and 26% of UK charities reported breaches in 2019 alone.

Imagine if direct, organic or even worse, referral customers cannot access your webpage. What would happen? In the past, a printed directory would suffice, but today a customer would just Google your service and be presented with at least ten competing businesses almost instantly.

Even worse, should Google, or any other search engine for that matter, deem your site a security risk, this can have a huge negative impact on your SERP position and SEO ranking.

In 2019, UK business websites reported:

  • 374,000 malware attacks
  • 530,000 phishing attempts
  • £6,4000  as the average cost of rectifying a malicious attack
  • 260,000 ransomware attacks
  • 301,000 fraudulent payment requests

This doesn’t come as a surprise since cybercrime has increased significantly over the past couple of years and surveyed businesses reported experiencing cybercrime at least once a week on average in 2020, a 10% increase since 2017.

What is surprising is the lack of security measures taken by business in the UK:

  • 35% have no installed security measures
  • 53% forego a strong password policy
  • 40% do not install regular software updates 

These are the basic requirements that should be implemented to secure your website and ensure the security of personal data, sensitive information and your network as a whole.



Our London servers are among some of the fastest in the United Kingdom with a 3 second average faster loading time of our hosted websites than leading competitors such as GoDaddy. Uptime

Downtime can increase your site’s bounce rate which in turn can have severe negative consequences for your ranking position. All of our websites can proudly state 99.9% uptime with hourly backups* that will ensure your business is up and running again with minimal disruption.


Through six layers of web server security, including automatic malware scanners, our technologies include Immunify360 which utilises a state of the art AI system to proactively fix broken websites by surgically removing malicious code from an infected file instead of deleting the entire file, as with standard anti-virus and malware software suites.


Malicious attacks often seek to exploit outdated or unpatched software as a means of gaining access to a system.Our talented team will provide regular updates to your site in order to minimise the risk of intrusion from those with malicious intent. 

Both your website and any software will always have the latest available patches and updates to prevent exploits before they happen.

99.9% Uptime

We have had 99.9% uptime on all our websites, and if any issues arise, we offer hourly backups* to get your website up and running as soon as possible.

The Importance of Proper Website Management

Whether you provide E-Commerce or information for referrals, regular backups of website data and the most recent updates to the system are the cornerstones of website maintenance and of the highest priority in order to ensure the continued operation and security of your business. 

The recovery rate of businesses that are plagued by malicious malware is currently only 10%. This means that 90% of companies victimised by cybersecurity breaches struggle to recover and ultimately cease trading within 12 months of an attack.

Large corporations such as TSB, British Airways or Travelex have access to sophisticated IT management infrastructures, and now you do too.

Based in Enfield, North London, here at Some Talented People, we have the capacity to handle complex web and IT systems yet still provide a focused, tailored and personal service when things go wrong. Our high-end, customised server configurations will give you peace of mind when it comes to ensuring continuity of service across your web domain.

Our regular website updates ensure that when things go wrong, you do not need to worry about disaster recovery, because we’ve got it covered, so you can carry on doing what you do best and serving your customers.

for startups
- Website & Database Security
- SSL Security on your website
- Weekly backups
- Monthly Updates
- 3x 30min requests
- 5 working days maximum response
£100 / month
for growing businesses
- Website Hosting*
- Website & Database Security
- SSL Security on your website
- Daily backups
- Weekly Updates
- 6x 30min requests
-1 working day maximum response
- Google Analytics Set Up
£200 / month
for web critical company
- Website Hosting*
- Website & Database Security
- SSL Security on your website
- Hourly backups
- Weekly Updates
- 9x 30min requests
-4 hours maximum response
- Google Analytics Set Up & Monitoring
£300 / month
*For standard website hosting only

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