Video production and motion graphics

In this world of split second decisions and short attention spans you need to capture your client's attention in a matter of seconds. 
Video is the solution to this, as it can inform your leads, explain your product and entertain your clients.

Our production team will guide you through the process of creating your video, and our marketing experts will ensure that your video gets seen.

1. Strategy Meeting

This is the meeting where we talk with you to understand exactly what your needs are, what are you aiming to do with a video? Close clients easier? Increase conversion on your website? Attract new customers through ads? We find out your needs and figure out a strategy for you.

2. Video Production

After our strategy meeting and with your needs as a priority, we will go into production for your video. You will be part of the process the whole way to ensure that the result is exactly what you need to grow your business.

3. Video Marketing

The video will then be used to market your business, according to the strategy meeting, to several platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, LinkedIn) as requested and we will be monitoring the whole process to ensure that we get the best ROI out of each platform.

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Our Specialties

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are usually short animated videos that describe your product or services in a simple, entertaining and engaging way for your clients. An explainer video that will catch your client's attention and differentiate you from your competitors and can generate leads, decrease bounce rate and increase conversions.

Testimonial Videos

If you know your product is great, and your clients are giving you the reviews for it, why not create a testimonial video? Testimonial videos help your business by building your reputation through credibility and help you get more sales.

Case Study Videos

A video where a specific product or service has helped a specific client with their problem will resonate with your potential clients much better than just words or images. Capture in video how your product or service helps people in a real situation and let your clients do the selling for you.

Health & Safety | Training Videos

Health & Safety and other training videos are the most efficient way to train staff, teach clients or customers how to use your products or service. Videos help retain new information faster and make it much more interesting to learn about something.

Promotional | Product Videos

Promotional or product videos are great for engaging a specific target audience, they can be used in Social Media and other Ad platforms to get more sales.
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