Non-executive directorships for digital marketing



Marketing strategies and campaigns help businesses and brands to attract customers, make sales and raise brand awareness. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for companies, including digital marketing agencies, to hire non-executive directors (NEDs). Non-executive directors are members of the company board who do not have a management role. In the field of marketing, marketing directors who have a non-executive role can offer incredible benefits for agencies and their employees. 

What are the benefits of non-executive directorships for marketing?

Non-executive directors can offer a diverse range of benefits to all kinds of businesses. If you are thinking about appointing a non-executive director to assist with digital marketing, here are some key benefits to consider:

  • Accessing experience and expertise

Non-executive directors often have a lot of professional experience and expertise, which can help to provide agencies with knowledge, advice and information to aid decision-making and strategising. NEDs often bring industry experience to the table and they may also be able to draw upon experience in helping other businesses or agencies to tackle problems, facilitate growth or tap into new trends or opportunities. 

  • Developing ideas and encouraging creative thinking

Marketing is all about building connections and encouraging people to want to take the next step and buy a product, click on a link to subscribe or share a post. The world of marketing never stands still and there is always room for creativity and originality and scope to develop ideas. A NED can help teams to update and enhance strategies that have been successful in the past, explore new ways of marketing products and services that they may have tried before and encourage people to use their creative skills to deliver results. A fresh perspective can help to promote creativity and introduce new ideas and concepts. 

  • Offering a fresh pair of eyes

It can often be difficult to identify problems or potential areas for improvement when you’re on the inside and you are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business. Non-executive directors offer a fresh perspective from an external standpoint. They can analyse and evaluate operations and processes, highlighting weaknesses and suggesting changes or adjustments that could help the agency or company to maximise the chances of achieving primary objectives. 

  • Networking and creating contact networks

Non-executive directors tend to be well-connected and they can help businesses to expand their contact networks, form connections and establish relationships that are relevant to the brand and its goals and targets. 

  • Providing objective feedback

Objective feedback can be incredibly beneficial for businesses that want to improve marketing strategies and achieve better results. A non-executive director can share perceptions, impressions and perspectives honestly and openly from an unbiased standpoint. Business owners can then utilise feedback to address issues and build on strengths. 


Non-executive directorships can be beneficial for businesses across all industries. If you are struggling to make an impact with marketing strategies and campaigns, your business could benefit from working with a non-executive director. NEDs provide expertise and knowledge, they have experience and contact networks and they can offer a fresh perspective, honest, objective feedback and new ideas to explore and develop. 

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