Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Recent events involving some of the major social media websites, including Facebook and Instagram, going down for countless hours have shown us that you need email marketing as a business.

When all other means of communication go down - your email marketing list is the most powerful thing you have.

So if you haven’t been leveraging your email marketing list, or are yet to build one, here are just a few reasons email marketing is a must.

Email is everywhere

There is a saying that you should go where your customers are, and since almost everyone has email, email marketing is doing just that.

You don’t need to wait to see if your customers are checking your Facebook status or your latest tweet. You bypass all the fuss and deliver what you need to say - directly into their inbox.

On average, people check their emails every 30 minutes or less, which is excellent news for you.

Email marketing is cost-effective

When it comes to marketing within a budget, there is nothing that compares to email marketing. Email marketing, when pitched against most other types of marketing, is just a few pennies (or less) per email sent.

If you have a great person writing that enticing copy and calls-to-action that are hard to ignore, then the ROI on email marketing is pretty high.

Email marketing is targeted

Most copy can be written for many people to enjoy - including social media and blog post content. Yet, the content of your email marketing is going to speak directly to the reader.

They are more interested in what you are doing, as they have chosen to give you their details in exchange for communication.

You can strategically segment your email list so that you can create incredibly specifically targetted emails.

Email marketing is measurable

One of the most exciting things that you have access to is plenty of metrics as a business. Those metrics are one of the ways that you can refine your process and work in a more streamlined way to reach your target audience.

You can track the success of your email marketing campaign in a more effective and immediate way than you can with almost any other marketing type.

Who opened your email, how many bounced back, and more importantly, who clicked through, and where did they go after?

The A/B testing that email copy offers is incomparable, so you will always be able to say the right thing to the right people.

Email marketing is perfect for brand recognition

As potential customers get closer to the purchase decisions, they often sign up to email lists for discounts and newsletters. Once that happens, email marketing is the quickest route to getting them familiar with your brand.

As long as your email marketing funnel is well strategised, you will be meeting potential customers exactly where they are in the buying journey. Emailing timely offers or products that match what they are looking for is essential.

Targeted emails are the most efficient way to keep your business at the forefront of a  potential buyer's mind, so when they are ready to buy - only our brand comes to mind.

In the end, while you should have a 360 marketing plan, email marketing reigns supreme and offered benefits you can’t get elsewhere.

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