Improve Website Conversion Rate Through Better UX Design

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The most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to your website design is how fast you can convert visitors. Understanding the best practices for creating a user experience that converts website visitors better is important if you want to make sure that your website is worthy! Your brand relies on your website to be a success and with technology taking control of everything, you need your website to help you move forward in your business. You want to drive traffic to your site and maximise as many leads as possible - but you need to go beyond that.

Converting your website visitors to paying customers is a must, and the end goal of every single business is to have as many paying customers as possible. You need to create relevant content, target digital marketing and web design and push your customers to make the right buying decisions. Ensuring that you have the right outcomes because of web development and web design is important otherwise, what’s the point? You need to improve your website conversion rate and the best way to do it is through better UX design. It takes someone less than 10 seconds to gain an impression of your website and you want that impression to be a good one. The digital marketing industry is a dynamic one, and that means that you must stay as up to date on new trends as possible. There are some major innovations happening in UX design, and that means looking at ways that you can convert visitors by enhancing the UX design. Let’s take a look!

Always include a clear, easy to understand call to action

These play a huge role in the success of your business and the revenue you create as a result. A large call to action button or two will help you to tell your customers what move to make next. You need clear calls to action buttons, and that will prevent confusion in your users - they’ll see their next steps.

Utilising colour

If you want to trigger a purchasing response from your audience, you need to use colours. You will be able to make sure that instructions stand out from the page and you can add prominence to your website as a result. This will encourage people to buy, and that’s what you need.

Using text

If call to action buttons are an open way for you to boost your conversion rate, then you have to take advantage of that fact. Use the right words and phrases, and you’ll convert your visitors with better ease. Keep your instructional word count to five words per call to action, though, and make sure that you place these phrases high enough that they are always visible on the website.

Be consistent

If you want to differentiate your UX design from the competition, you need to be consistent across the entire page. From the front page to every other screen on your website, you can ensure that you maintain your usability and accessibility on your website. We implement high-quality user design that will convert more visitors into sales - if you'd like to learn more - book a free discovery call with us today and lets chat!

Optimise loading time

Everyone will click right off your website if they have to wait an age for your site page to load. Most users will never come back to a website that doesn't load well enough - not even you. You need to optimise your loading times and make sure that you are using the right tools to downsize images and keep them at a higher quality.

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