How to increase sales with digital marketing

Businesses have been selling online for years. There has been a gradual shift away from physical stores and traditional marketing towards e-commerce stores and advertising services online. Globally, the pandemic has accelerated this shift and also encouraged consumers to search online and this puts businesses at an advantage when it comes to increasing their sales. Those that have moved with the trend and started selling and marketing online have witnessed their profits increase rapidly, leaving behind those that haven't. So in this blog post, we tell you exactly how to increase your sales with digital marketing and explain some of the methods and mechanisms that Some Talented People use.

Know where your target audience is

Where does your target audience spend most of their online time? Are they scrolling through Instagram or watching videos on Youtube? Or do they prefer to read their news on Twitter?

People of different ages and backgrounds will have different preferences, so its best to try to learn these habits and trends so you can aim your marketing towards these areas online. For example, if your audience is predominantly young - it would make little sense to advertise on an online directory for OAP's, but you'd definitely have a successful outreach using Instagram

Drive your audience to your website

There's no point in getting everyone and anyone to visit your website, because they are unlikely to all convert into paying customers. Your efforts will be utilized better if you were to attract your specific target audience - but how do you do that?

Digital marketing makes this possible with very little effort, with the use of Search Engine Optimisation you can use keywords to push your website up on the Google search results page. Blog posts, like this one, are a great way to include more keywords into your website and will generate increased traffic since more people will see it at the top of the results page.

Did you know that the first page of Google search results receive 75% of searches? - This means that you multiply the outreach of your business by 4 times if you use SEO.

Make It Personal

If you're just starting out in business, or have only been in the industry for a few years in comparison to larger businesses - it's likely that you'll find it difficult to compete with them, most of whom have millions of pounds to invest in nationwide campaign, radio and TV adverts. Fortunately, using digital marketing strategically can provide you with the opportunity to outrank them and take a bigger slice of the profit-cake.

Marketing is no longer about who can spend the most money; with digital marketing it's about who can be the most appealing and provide a personal touch to their marketing campaigns. There is a saying in the marketing world - people don't buy from businesses, people buy from people, which rings even truer when it comes to digital marketing because we often see that businesses with the most active web presence who interact with both past customers and potential customers are the ones that thrive.

Be Helpful

With the economy moving towards an online marketplace; even customer service must move online. This means that helping both secured customers and potential customers is a constant demand and not only limited to operating hours, which may sounds unappealing and like it could add more to your workload - but this works heavily in your advantage since helping others is marketing in itself.

This method of helping your customers isn't limited to simply answering queries and solving them, but you can also offer free resources and materials that might be used. Most successful businesses nowadays will put time into a well crafted blog geared towards helping and informing their customers about their service or product. Blogs are also. Great way of incorporating SEO into your site, because you will increase your keyword count which is an extra push towards the top of the search engine results page.

Some businesses will also offer freebies, such as sample sized products or helpful ebooks, in return for them to fill in a form that will add them to an email marketing campaign or the resources can be offered as a reward for sharing your website with a set number of people.


In conclusion, the most important thing when aiming to increase your sales using digital marketing is to interact with your customers and show off your brands personality. People will trust you more and be more likely to buy from you. You should also focus on your specific audience rather than targeting everyone and be sure to get to know the demographic that you're selling to and you're very likely to be very successful!



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