Graphic Design

Professional and bespoke website designs, that capture the essence of your business, product or character and present it in a unique and compelling way that attracts your target audience, bringing you better return on investment.

PEN & Paper

The best way to start any design is by brainstorming, and the best brainstorming happens on paper. The ideas flow like the ink from the pens, fluid and free. Which gives our designers the freedom to come up with many great prospects.

The Logo

Once we have a few good prospective logos, we start by refining the designs. Different layouts, colour palettes, fonts. After that we have some shiny gems for you to consider. Once we have a defining winner, we move on to the next stage.

The Brand

Developing the brand, the consistent voice of your company. From the business cards to the letterheads and envelopes. All your literature needs to have a consistent flow and we make sure it does.

Recent Projects


We offer business class hosting with unlimited bandwidth, SSL Certificate and back-ups, emails with 10gb mailboxes, and optimisation for WordPress websites.


No matter how beautiful or well-made a website is, if it isn’t optimised for search  engines, not a lot of people will get to appreciate your amazing content.


We offer consultations for business 
that are stuck and are looking to improve their digital footprint. Sometimes outside perspective is all you need.
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