Hi, I'm Pazbi 

Panagiotis-Zmpigknief Zavatzki

I was born in Greece to Polish & Greek parents, Titsian and Kiki. My family home is in Kalamata (home to the best olives in the world) but currently live in Enfield, London. 

I'm engaged to the wonderful Tavian Hunter (my best friend of 17 years) and planning to get married in 2023. 

I have over 10 years’ experience in digital consultancy, brand development and marketing and setup my business Some Talented People in 2014.

I've has worked with hundreds of SMEs to develop their online and offline presence and I have extensive knowledge in SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO and have worked with companies in London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dubai, Barcelona, Athens and Norway to increase their online sales, brand awareness and reach. 

I'm passionate about education, and my projects have been featured on the BBC, I've spoken at panels for University of Westminster and mentored students from high school through to postgraduates. 

Keep reading below to find out more.



My goal with the business is to get it to a gross turnover of £10,000,000 pa by 2025.

With a team of 100 staff able in 5 countries helping upwards of 165 clients a year. 

I've also launched another company called WMD and looking to find investment for an ERM and one app. 


I'm a firm believer of life long learning. 

It was stated that reading 3 books on a topic you will be an expert. 
My goal is to read 12 books a year. 

Becoming an expert on 4 topics every year.  
I'm also in the planning stages of writing my own book. 

I have a reading list if you want recommendations.


Planning our wedding for September 2023. 

I'm also on track to being 95kg. 
From my heaviest which was 135kg.

Despite being half-Polish my Polish is still at the level of a 3 year old so I'm also learning via Duolingo.


At the age of 8 I was diagnosed with Stage 4, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and due to complications from a bone marrow transfer, I lost the ability to walk. After 38 months of chemo therapy and several operations, I beat the cancer and through a lot of effort and physical training learned to walk again.

During my last year of  treatment I even walked a half marathon to raise money for Leukaemia Society and at age 18 I climbed Getty Mountain in California.

I also setup the first ever fully BSL (British Sign Language) Slam Poetry event which was featured by the BBC. It was a sold out event and we raised almost £2000 for charity. I've also managed to raise £400 for FBS via a live streamed waxing of my legs (ouch).

My recent focus has been mentoring and I'm very pleased with the success of my mentees from University of Westminster and Southgate School. I'm currently working with my 4th mentee.


Video games

I've been gaming since childhood with the Atari or Commodore 64. I currently mainly play on my PC.

I enjoy FPS, RPG and Rogue like games the most. Currently on a mission to get to Gold in League of Legends. 


In line with my goals, I read daily, both fiction and non-fiction. 

For non-fiction I enjoy personal and professional development books and for fiction my favourite niche is wuxia novels. I also read manga, manhua and comics. Marvel > DC. 


I really enjoy Dungeons and Dragons and started many long lasting groups and communities. 

My largest is Deuterra which had around 80 players at its peak as well as the first Enfield based group. 

I've DM'd games in 3.5e and 5th edition. 


I love to travel and  its another goal of mine to visit every continent. Thus far I've had the pleasure of visiting LA, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Japan. 

Currently got Turkey, Japan and India in the books for 2022. 


Greek Community in London
Stationers Company - City Guild
University of Westminster Alumni and Staff



I've worked in Web Development since 2012 and have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery and PHP. 

I keep up to date enough to know what my team of developers are working on.


I've helped dozens of clients reach 1st page of Google and increase their traffic and conversions.

I can help with both traditional SEO and local SEO.


I'm fully certified by Google for Google Ads. Here is my link that showcases my certificates.

A recent client we worked with generated over 9.3 x ROI on their managed ads.

Digital Marketing

I've got a holistic mindset to marketing and can advise people on every aspect of their digital presence to help them generate leads and also from a tracking point of view with tech like Google Analytics, GTAG, Hotjar etc.


I've been involved in the graphic design industry from a very young age and have experience with branding, logo design, layout, printing process and everything related to paper. 

Software Development

I've graduated from University of Westminster with a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering and have a strong knowledge of object orientated programming and algorithm principles.


I've spent countless hours developing my sales / closing skills. I have built up a solid understanding of NLP and have a statistically proven close rate of 60%.

Product Design

Trained in product design from conceptualisation, 3D modeling, prototyping and manufacturing processes.


I've always been told I'd make a great teacher, so I started doing workshops since 2015 and have had great results with my students. I now run multiple 1-1 and group sessions per month covering a number of topics in Digital Marketing and Crypto.


I've been involved in the Cryptocurrency world since 2013 when I bought my first Bitcoin for £100. Since then I've educated myself on Blockchain technologies, NFTs and WEB 3.0 technologies and teach businesses owners how to take advantage of them.


I like to draw and have done so since I was a toddler. I'm not acquired any level of great success with it but I enjoy doing still life and illustrative peaces when inspiration finds me. 


As you may have gathered I'm all about giving value and teaching people new things. The first time I did a YouTube video was to show people how to fix their broken PSPs and 9 years on the videos have amassed over 1 million views. Recently I focus on Digital Marketing but I'm happy to do videos on anything. 
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