5 current digital marketing trends in 2022

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One of the main things about digital marketing is that it’s always changing and evolving. With new Google updates, algorithm changes and advances in technology, it’s important businesses adapt to these and move with the times. As we delve deeper into 2022, it’s important to keep track of the trends and see what you can implement into your own company. Here we take a look at what five of the current digital marketing trends in 2022 are and how these can benefit you.

Leveraging 1st party data

With access to third-party data being revoked, businesses are having to work harder and smarter to collect first-party data. To adapt to this, businesses are turning to surveys, newsletter subscriptions and other more direct and retention-driven methods. The mission to continue to track audiences and their behaviour and show relevant products is something that should be particularly focused on as we head into the next quarter of the year.

The new Google Analytics update

Google Analytics first announced the update to Google Analytics 4 back in October 2020 and it has been rolling out ever since. There have been many updates, with the most recent being March 3rd 2022. This gave users dedicated access to Search Ads 360 reporting as well as a host of other features. This update is also getting ready for their next major overhaul which is set to take place on July 1st 2023. When this time comes standard Universal Analytics Properties will no longer process new data.

Video to replace static elements

With TikTok rising so exponentially in the last couple of years, it’s no surprise that video is taking the forefront in digital marketing trends. Static elements will be replaced with videos on websites, advertising and social media channels, gripping audiences and introducing new customers in more innovative and unique ways than ever before.

Marketplaces continue to grow

Marketplaces are continuing to be an important element for digital marketing and places such as Amazon and Facebook Marketplace are only growing in popularity. With more platforms on the internet, brands can embrace these different sources and places to sell, branching out to new audiences. It's important to keep in mind the different ways you might market your products on different platforms.

Social media commerce

Social media is an ever prevalent resource in our consumerist society and this isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Businesses that might have slacked on socials need to up their game to keep up with these trends. It’s the platforms such as TikTok and YouTube that are showing the most growth, while it’s also important to embrace Reels and other video elements on social platforms too.

These are some of the top five digital marketing trends in 2022. To find out more about how marketing can help your business and what we can do for you, please get in touch. We can be reached on our website sometalentedpeople.com where we can help with all aspects of digital marketing and website maintenance.

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